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Visiter le Verdon

The Verdon Gorges forms the largest canyon in Europe. How to visit the Verdon? Walking along with a canoe or raft, or even roll up to its heights to admire its vertiginous cliffs, this will surely leave you with an exotic and unforgettable memory ... Of course, do not forget to dive into its turquoise waters! Finally the 3D movie Verdon Secret is the essential complement to any visit to the Verdon Gorges.

Which city to visit in the Verdon Gorges?

You can wonder what city or village to visit in the Gorges of Verdon? Or just where to be based in order to radiate and make the most of this beautiful region? Indeed, the gorges of Verdon extend over 100 km and count many lakes. As for the gorge, there are three parts: the Grand Canyon, the Baudinard gorge and the lower gorges. To put it simply, the canoe and bathing spots are downstream: Lake Sainte- Croix, Lake Esparron. While the best places for rafting, canyoning or canyoneering are rather located around La Palud Sur Verdon and Castellane.
A good compromise may be Moustiers Sainte-Marie because you are all about canyons, rafting, and hiking.

How to visit the Verdon Gorges on foot?

The Gorges of Verdon has countless hiking trails. For the simply curious or for the passionate ones of big thrills, playful routes or immersion in nature, on the heights or the foot of the cliffs. Everyone will find his account.

The most emblematic is, of course, the Blanc-Martel trail (formerly known as the Martel Trail). This trail is named after Alfred-Edouard Martel and Isidore Blanc, the first explorers to have traveled the entire canyon. 14 km long, it is not difficult for regulars hiking. It will amaze you with its many remarkable passages, such as the Sublime Point, one of the most beautiful views of the Gorges of Verdon.

However, watch out for people who are sensitive to vertigo! The passage of Imbert ladders can be impressive, even if quite easy downhill. It is very accessible to families with children (from 7 years old). They will have the chance to see many wild animals. The crossing of small tunnels with the flashlight will be the most adventurous! You will find all the necessary information to browse the White-Martel trail on our Verdon Secret site, and the tourist office of La Palud Sur Verdon or Castellane.

How to discover and visit the Gorges du Verdon on the water?

You will find Throughout The Verdon Many offers of canoeing, rafting, electric boat and Even paddle on the lakes and the white water of the river. Around Lake St. Croix, Lake Castillon and Lake Esparron for example, nautical bases give access to many activities to spend the turquoise blue waters in a splendid setting.

Five things to do during your stay

Here we give you five ideas for activities for your stay.
Canoeing from one lake to another through the lower Verdon gorges
Riding the Ridge Route on an Electrically Assisted Bike
A canyon with a guide, rafting or a water hike
See the movie Verdon Secret in 3D at Gréoux-Les-Bains
The guided tour of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie
To find out more about our hikes and adventure courses, please contact us.


For even more emotions and sensations, why not try rafting, canyoning, or climbing to discover the gorge from the bottom up! Supervised by the professionals of the Maison des Guides du Verdon, discover the gorge as you never saw it. And for an initiation everyone and any level of climbing, Mathieu Faneau puts his professionalism acquired by 20 years of experience at your service for a very original memory! See you soon on our ” Activitiespage to discover the possibilities for you.

Visit the gorges of Verdon: which views are easily accessible?

It is quite possible to enjoy the splendor of the Natural Park of Verdon thanks to several well-appointed tourist routes.

The  “Route des Cretes” or Ridge Road is an incredible 24-kilometer circuit. He travels the crests of the Grand Canyon where majestic panoramic views. Along the way, 14 belvederes offer unforgettable views of the Verdon, its gorges, its fauna, and flora. You will be able to overlook a gap of up to 700 meters! The Road of the Peaks is by car, motorcycle or ideally by bike. In fact, it is so much to see that it is impossible to give a trip for this circuit. For example, it is highly likely that you will have the chance to spot vultures. In fact, three species have been reintroduced into the park. You will even see peregrine falcons or sometimes a golden eagle!

Verdon bra-road trip

To do so by car, the very historic Route of Napoleon. Its route follows the route taken in 1815 by the Emperor, who left the island of Elba to rejoin the capital to regain power. It is one of the most beautiful roads in France because of its bold road and the diversity of landscapes it crosses.

What about swimming?

A stay in the Gorges of Verdon does not only rhyme with “sport” and “visit”. Who would be able to resist the urge to dive into its emerald waters when the sun is so hot? Good news: There are superb swimming spots around the St. Croix and Castillon lakes. Lake St. Croix, larger, will offer a maximum of activities to occupy children and more energetic adults. Meanwhile, the others will enjoy the tranquility of the pebble beaches. For more information, click here Lake Esparron. Finally, Lake Castillon, smaller and wilder, still hides some secret coves for nature lovers.

Do not forget the gastronomy …

Your stay can be used as a gourmet trip with two components: Provencal cuisine on the one hand and panoramic restaurants on the other.

While waiting for a full article on this subject

The Lower Gorge and Sainte-Croix Lake

For starters, let’s start from Gréoux Les Bains. The Terrace of the Marronniers offers a delicious meal at Esparron. Then continue with ” La Fontaine ” in Saint-Martin-de-Brômes. Walter welcomes you to this charming village on the road to Riez. On the menu, you will not be disappointed.

A little further, we arrive at St. Croix of Verdon on a sunny day with a magnificent restaurant. Francoise welcomes you to the restaurant “The Counter”: you have lunch in the open air above the lake with the mountains of Verdon just opposite. The view is exceptional!

But you are not at the end of your surprises! Dinner in the summer season at the edge of Lake Bauduen at “L’Ô à la bouche” will fill you with its worthy sunsets of the West Indies! Gastronomy, holidays and reflection of the turquoise water go well together.

Around the Grand Canyon

Continue to Aiguines with one of the legendary Verdon restaurants since you have lunch over … 400 meters of cliff awaiting you and a breathtaking view (but not the appetite!). A little further upstream, let’s stop at Rougon at Magali’s “Auberge of point Sublime”. The kindness of the welcome of Magali and his team is matched by the quality of the Provencal dishes that will be served to you! All along the Samson Corridor, the famous entrance hall of the Grand Canyon Verdon.

Finally in the Palud on Verdon, “the hotel of the Gorges” offers a lunch in an idyllic setting: difficult to leave …

In Moustiers Sainte-Marie

Difficult to miss some gastronomic restaurants in Moustiers Sainte-Marie. These include La Bastide de Moustiers, Alain Ducasse’s inn of hearts, the Sainte-Cécile farm, ideal places to have fun. For groups, the Bonne Auberge offers quality cuisine and efficient service.

Find our favorite restaurants with many photos, maps, and more on our “Activities” page.

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