Gorges du Verdon: where to stay for swimming, canoeing, rafting, hiking or just to visit

Le camping de la Farigoulette dans les gorges du Verdon, un hébergement à proximité des activités

You are about to book your next vacation in the lakes and gorges du Verdon. But you want to be sure that you will be based in the right place to practice your favorite activities. Indeed, the territory is very vast and the travel times are often very long. By car, you have to count on an average speed of 30 km/h with our winding roads! Canoeing, swimming, rafting, hiking, climbing, village visits … Depending on your preferences in terms of activities, the choice of the right accommodation is therefore crucial so that you don’t spend your time observing the wonders that surround you through the windows of your car.
So, where to stay in the Verdon gorges to be as close as possible to the activities that interest you? This article will allow you to see it much more clearly…

Auberge du Point Sublime in Verdon Gorges

Gorges of the Verdon: campsite, hotel, rental … Where to stay close to the activities that I am interested in?

Several thousand people booked their activities on our website last summer.  Many also came to see us at Moustiers Sainte-Marie. How many times have I heard: “If I had known, I would not have chosen this campsite, because we are too far from the activities we like the most! “. Of course, everything will depend on your taste in activities or sports… If you are with your family, and more oriented towards swimming or quiet canoe rides, then the best choice will not be the same as if you are more into rafting or canyoning. The Verdon offers all these possibilities, but not everything is in the same place!
If you want to find the best accommodation to spend your vacations while minimizing the travel time according to your activities, this article is for you.

Canoeing, rafting, swimming, hiking… The map which gathers all the activities to practice in the Verdon
First of all, to help you locate on a map the activities that can be done in the different areas of the Verdon, we have created a map of the Gorges du Verdon that will be of great help to you.

map of activities in the Gorges du Verdon
Where to stay in the Gorges du Verdon?

By scrolling through the map, you will be able to locate all the activities that interest you. This way, you can quickly see the best villages to stay in. And once you have a first idea of the area you are interested in, you can continue browsing this article to discover the good addresses we have selected to help you find the perfect accommodation and book it easily. Camping or hotel, the choice is yours!

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Finally, if you are looking for ideas, or if you wish to know the places not to be missed in the Gorges of Verdon, you can consult our guide of visits.



Gorges of the Verdon: where to stay if you prefer swimming or canoeing with your family?

The most beautiful places for swimming are not what you imagine. And especially not the best known. Thus, the lower gorges and the lake of Esparron are ideal for families with children. In fact, the water is translucent, the canoe trips long and pleasant, and they are much less frequented than the most famous spots.
As far as accommodation is concerned, you can choose among the very nice campsites of Esparron-de-Verdon. One of our favorites is the camping de la Baume, with its tree houses offering comfort and a change of scenery. A little further south, in Quinson, the camping Tohapi, located near the Quinson lake, is also an excellent choice.

Chasteuil Provence Campsite

The low Gorges are great for families

Of course, the two campsites mentioned here do not quite fit the image of the classic campsite with its pool and slides. However, they are very well located, comfortable and swimming is not far away. As for canoeing, this area offers you a lot of choices. For example, why not go down the lower gorges for nine kilometers between the lakes of Quinson and Esparron-de-Verdon? Again, the villages of Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon, Montagnac-Montpezat and Esparron-de-Verdon are ideal starting points for this kind of quiet adventure.

Restaurant in Bauduen Gorges du Verdon

Campsite with swimming pool, small chalets and children’s games near swimming places and canoes

Still, in the same area, Le Clos de Barbey campsite in Bauduen is an excellent choice. Indeed, the most beautiful beaches along lake Sainte-Croix are located in Bauduen. Do not think this statement is free! Even the inhabitants of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie recognize it!! To find out more, take a look at our article “the most beautiful beaches in the Verdon“. Similarly, our article on campsites will give you more information.
For a very central location, and the possibility to walk to the lake, we recommend the camping Tikayan Saint-Clair in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Indeed, in addition to having been recently renovated, its ideal location will allow you to radiate as it should on the grand canyon, the lake and the low gorges.

Where to stay if you are more into rafting, canyoning or climbing?

For whitewater activities, you have to get close to the Grand Canyon du Verdon. Most of the accommodation is located on the edge of Verdon between La Palud Sur Verdon and Castellane. You will be based on the edge of the Verdon in a mountainous and cooler area. One of our favorite campsites in the area is Chasteuil Provence camping: a family atmosphere in an idyllic setting! You can even fish for trout in the Verdon and cook them on site. Depending on your budget, choose between lodges, chalets, or shady pitches by the water…

If you want to go canyoning, you will have plenty of choice within a 45 minute drive. If it is climbing and hiking that attracts you, you will be served, thanks to the proximity of the grand canyon, the Mont Robion and the Chiran chain. The mountains that surround you reach an altitude of 2000 meters.
Don’t forget to take a look at the map we made for you, it will allow you to zoom in on this area: click here for the interactive map. Most of the campsites in the area have small chalets and almost all of them have a swimming pool and a restaurant. For more information, see our article on camping in the Verdon.

Luxuoux hotel Bastide de tourtour

Lodging in the Gorges of the Verdon for visits to villages, Provençal markets and lavender fields.

To visit the most beautiful villages, choose without hesitation the surroundings of the Lake of Sainte-Croix. Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon is close to the lavender fields and has beautiful beaches. However, be careful, because the hotel capacity is rather small. The villages of Riez or Gréoux-les-Bains can be good choices. Indeed, they offer many possibilities of accommodation. The plateau of Valensole and its lavender fields are less than 15 minutes away by car. In addition, the markets of Gréoux on Thursday mornings and Riez on Saturdays are among the most important Provencal markets in the Verdon.
An interesting alternative is also the village of Montagnac-Montpezat, more exactly Montpezat, where the superb Club Belambra is located. This is where you can combine visits to the lavender fields, the Provencal markets and activities such as canoeing or electric boats.

Camping and hotels near Lake of Sainte-Croix

Luxury accommodation in the Verdon: the most beautiful hotels and guesthouses

Great 5 stars hotel close to the lower gorges

For several years now, Le Verdon has had some good places to stay in exceptional places.
Let’s start with the “Couvent des Minimes in Mane. This five-star hotel located near Forcalquier and Manosque is a good starting point for visiting the Verdon Gorges and the Luberon. The only drawback is that you need an hour to reach Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Five star hotel Le Couvent des Minimes

Best inns close to lake Sainte-Croix

If you want to be closer, why not choose La Bastide de Moustiers? This heartfelt inn, created by Alain Ducasse, offers both exceptional accommodation and extraordinary cuisine. From the Bastide, you can explore the lavender fields by electric bike or by minivan with a guide.
On the other side of the lake of Sainte-Croix, La Bastide du Calalou is perfectly suited if you want to easily visit the most beautiful villages and lavender fields. The lake of Sainte-Croix is only 20 minutes away, and the gorges of Baudinard less than 15 minutes. A little further away, the magnificent Bastide de Tourtour offers a 4-star setting in a castle. The superb medieval village of Tourtour is worth a visit for its charm and its art galleries.

Luxury accommodation closest to the Grand Canyon

Let’s continue our tour of exceptional places with the hotel des gorges du Verdon: spa, terrace with an exceptional view, four-star comfort. This hotel has everything you can imagine except for a very limited capacity. You will need to book early enough.
The Château de Trigance will surprise you and is a charming stopover in a magical place. If you plan to visit the Grand Canyon of Verdon by motorbike or by vintage car, the completely renovated medieval castle is the first choice nevertheless if you only have one night.
The Chateau de Taulane a little further north brings together the best levels of service.

Chateau de Taulane Golfcourse

Gorges of the Verdon, where to stay and which activity to choose?

The table below summarizes and simplifies the choices available to you according to the activities you are looking for:

Gorges du Verdon where to stay?

*** ideal place for the activity ** The activity is close * It will take 30 minutes to drive “” it will take 35 minutes to drive 1h30

How to book your activities in the lakes and gorges of the Verdon?

Our website allows you to consult the availability of guides and book your activities. Consult our boat rental, canoeing, canyoning, and rafting pages.
We also offer guided hikes, rock climbing, adventure trails, paragliding or even ULM helicopter tours.
For the adventurous or those who want to combine hiking and canoeing with the exploration of the Grand Canyon, don’t hesitate and book the Grand Canyon Adventure Canoe: you will discover the most important areas of the canyon by combining these two activities and accompanied by a guide.
Last but not least, there are also gastronomic and cultural activities. You will be able to book museum visits, cinema sessions on a giant screen, or unforgettable astronomy evenings that will make you discover the starry sky of the Verdon.
It is also possible to visit the Verdon with your pet. Indeed, many accommodation and water activities providers welcome them with open arms.


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