Trekking and Hiking

The Most Beautiful Walks and Hikes in the Verdon Region

What are the most beautiful hikes in the Verdon Gorges? Hiking in the Verdon Gorges can be done on land as well as in the water. We will speak about aquatic hiking where swimming alternates with walking, natural slides and even some jumps. In the Verdon, hiking can also be done by air: via ferrata and adventure trails await you if you’re looking for thrills. The following articles describe examples of walking, aquatic or aerial hikes. At the end of each article, you will find links to book your guide or your excursion live on our website. Finally, do not hesitate to send us your comments and opinions on the proposed hikes: we will be happy to publish them!

Trekking in the Verdon

SThe Verdon is not only to be discovered on the water, but also on foot. Our territory will offer you the most beautiful hiking trails

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Hiking in Verdon Gorges

The best times to hike in the Verdon are spring and autumn. The itineraries are between 400 and 1900 metres above sea level. Here you will find a selection of hiking articles. The most famous hikes are described in detail. This is the case of the Blanc-Martel trail and the Imbut hike. These two hikes can be done all year round as long as the paths are dry. Our articles also include advice on equipment, the level of the hikes and the possibility of taking children along.

The Water Hikes

Visit our booking pages to learn the difference between canyoning, water hiking or floating. Water hiking does not require any particular physical fitness and is accessible to everyone from 7 years old. The only requirement is to be able to swim (and love water). Our articles about canyoning give you a lot of information about these activities: Which are the most beautiful canyons of the Verdon? Where are the best hikes in the Verdon? From what age can you start to practice these activities? Which activities should you choose according to your fitness level?

Via Ferrata and Adventure Courses

Team Building and Company Seminars

Every year, we welcome companies for seminars that are 100% in nature. We have adapted the activities of hiking, horseback riding, canyoning or rafting to the requirements and constraints of team building. Most of these activities are practiced in teams. Team cohesion is a key point: this is why we have transformed these activities into treasure hunts & orienteering races that require teams to organize themselves in order to solve the clues we give. Find some of our suggestions in our articles dedicated to companies.

In Which Season to Hike in the Verdon Region?

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