Trekking in the Verdon

The Verdon is not only to be discovered on the water, but also on foot. Our territory will offer you the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. Some may be more accessible than others, but all are sublime to discover the fauna, flora and good verdonian fresh air ! The hikes described here can be practiced with the family or accompanied by a guide. See for more information our activity pages or the whole hiking category of this website. See also our “Prepare Your Trip” pages for any useful addresses and phones in addition to this article. The Verdon Secret card is on sale at the cinema in Gréoux les Bains where you can see the film in 3D on a giant screen. You can also order it online.

Randonnée sur le sentier Martel

The most beautiful hikes in the Verdon

The easiest hikes

For starters, we can recommend hiking the fisherman’s trail. This one will allow you to reach the bed of Verdon that runs along about two kilometers. At the end of the trail just after the waterfall, the only difficulty of the trail is a climb towards the house of the roadmender. In the last two years, difficulties have appeared with the owners of the premises. It is advisable to contact us by chat (it’s bottom right) or phone if you want to be accompanied. Other interesting path: the lizard trail. This one leaves from the car park of the Sublime Point to meander around the Verdon. It allows in fifteen stages to know the fauna, flora and history of the Verdon. This course is absolutely perfect if you decide to go for a walk with family or friends.

The chemin du Bastidon:

Always among the moderate level hikes, the path of the Bastidon follows a series of vires which overhang the Verdon in its most secret part. A three hour ride on a wild “balcony” path with magnificent views. Easy technically with some passages equipped with cables.Prevoir a car on arrival (Mayreste lookout) or taxi available shuttle, inquire at the tourist office of La Palud sur Verdon.Access: follow the yellow markings from the parking en terreplein on the road to the chalet Maline before the road joins the gorge. Guides can accompany you and take care of the car shuttle for you. Contact us for the organization.Difficulty: for average hiker, some vertiginous passages not recommended for children under 10 years.

More difficult hikes:

For the bravest, the rise of Grand Margès will leave you with a memorable memory. The summit of Margès, 1577 meters high, dominates the Gorges du Verdon and offers superb views around the Verdon. Two paths allow its ascent: the first path rises quickly to the top of the Well, several escarpments then lead to the top of Margès. The second path climbs more slowly in the undergrowth before reaching the Plateau de la Colle. Finally follows a succession of several rumps that can reach the majestic summit. This path allows especially to cross a part of the big gorges still savage.

The Imbut trail

As a finish  you will be able to survey the trail of the Imbut. The latter goes down to the bed of the Verdon. Fortunately for security reasons, several passages in cornice and plumb are secured by wire ropes. It finds its conclusion to the chaos of the imbut, vast funnel from where you will see disappearing the Verdon.Le must of the hike in the gorges of the Verdon is the Martel trail or Blanc-Martel trail. We devoted a whole article to him. Short and magnificent, the hike of the balconies of Saint-Maurin is traversed in a big half-day with a guide. It is described in our pages “as a family with children aged 14 and over.

The lower gorges and the Esparron lake

The Lower Gorges and its wild Lake Esparron will guarantee you unforgettable hiking trails! First of all, we can direct you to the hill Chiron. It is a family walk and very accessible which will offer you a beautiful glimpse of the natural environment of the country of the Verdon. Then, you will be able to join the Sainte Maxime chapel, starting from the bridge on the Verdon which follows the old channel of Quinson . The second part of the hike will take you along the gorge. As much to tell you that the view is splendid. This half-day hike can be practiced with children from 7 years. Finally, the path of Notre Dame will take you through the village of Saint Laurent du Verdon. You will take the direction of Quinson before joining the resplendent chapel Notre Dame. If you count for sure 2:30 hiking, the landscape on arrival is well worth the detour.

pont Verdon

Hiking arround the Sainte-Croix lake

Again, hiking trails abound around Lake St. Croix. In the first place, the Muleteers circuit starts you in the village of Sainte-Croix du Verdon, then reach beautiful coves. These are very pleasant and accessible trails for the whole family. Then, the circuit of the Defens tower makes you start from the church of Bauduen before joining the plateau of Defens. Count around 4 hours to go around. It will also be an opportunity to see the beautiful village of Baudinard. Finally, you can enjoy a small family walk from the village of Baudinard. So you can climb to the chapel and its orientation table. And you will be at the same time high enough to admire the lake of St. Croix in all its splendor. This is probably the easiest hike around the lake.

The plateau de Valensole plateau and its trails

The Valensole plateau itself is one of the most attractive places on the Verdonian trails! First of all, the lavender circuit, without much difficulty, will allow you to cross, as its name indicates, several sumptuous fields of lavender. One can only highly recommend going there as the lavender seems to extend to infinity. To stay in the environment of the magnificent farms of the Verdon, the farm of the Fare will allow you to enjoy sublime panoramas. And it is all the more beautiful if you observe them during the flowering period of lavender, in February. Finally the Javie farm of very typical architecture is lined with almond plantations. Again, we can only advise you to discover it during the flowering period.


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