Shop of the movie Verdon Secret

Discover the most beautiful spots of the movie

With this map showing the hilly areas of the Gorges of Verdon, discover some hitherto unseen routes and paths. You can also follow the journey we made shooting the movie, along with your friends or family. 

The ridges path, the lookout points, the tunnels from the entrace of the main canyon leading to the Point Sublime, the not so known beaches of Tusset…

But also some stunning swimming spots, easy hiking paths if you’re a beginner, or more difficult if you like a good adventure.

This map is your best ally when it comes to visit the Gorges of Verdon !

Available in English.


The original score of the movie by Armand Amar

The whole score created by Armand Amar. The CD is accompanied by a photo book, with the most beautiful views from the movie, which makes a great gift idea !

Shipping included in the prize.

Available in English.


Making of

We invite you to discover the backstages of this wonderful shooting. 50 minutes to narrate this weeks long journey, along with cuts and secrets of the shooting. Dangerous and full of discoveries, you can also discover some extracts from the movie, which allows you to see how human and technical this journey was. The 3D shooting in the largest canyon of Europe.

Shipping included in the prize.

English subtitles available.


poster gorges du verdon

La Dent d’Aire poster

A poster of la Dent d’Aire.

(59,4 x 84 cm)


poster gorges du verdon

Styx Poster

A poster of the Styx

(59,4 x 84 cm)


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