A quick and easy booking :

On the Internet, by phone or by visiting our agency in Moustiers Sainte-Marie !
Ask your questions on the chat, right bottom corner, we’ll answer you as fast as we can. 

How does our booking work ?

Each of our activities have their own rules, you’ll have to answer quick questions depending on the one you choose. 
See our descriptions and pictures to learn the essential informations you have to know before booking. 
For exemple: if you book for the canyoning activity, we’ll ask your height and weight to prepare your neoprene suit.

How to cancel or change my booking ?

Activities can be canceled or postponed accroding to the booking conditions:
We repay your purchase and we may apply a deduction depending on your order.
The whole invoicing occurs as long as you don’t present yourself at the activity (even if you hadn’t cancel your booking).

Outdoors ativities: 
Canyon hike, bike, paragliding…
Free cancelation up to 12 hours before the beginning of the activity. 
If you cancel after those 12 hours, 30% of the prize will be billed. 
After the beginning: the whole activity will be billed. 

Restaurants :
If you book for a restaurant, we’ll ask you a deposit of 10€ or 30€ according to the type of restaurant.
Free cancelation up to 12 hours before the hour of booking. 
Less than one hour before the booking: a 10€ deduction will be applied. 

Museum, cinema, Mas…
Free cancelation available trough the hour of the booking.

About groups (more than 20):
Special terms are applied for groups.
Those terms are written on the estimate you make to book your activity. 

I booked by phone, can I cancel by email ?
Yes. You can cancel via the chat (right bottom corner), email or phone.
You’ll juste need your reference number. 

Partial cancelation:
The same terms implements for a partial cancelation.
For instance: 4 people out of 8 cancel for an activity, the deduction only applies on those 4.

Adjournment :
Adjournments are treated as cancelations.
However, according to the type of activity, we’ll do our best to apply no deductions on your adjournment.

Corona virus News

Most activities resumed on June 2nd. This week, water hiking, adventure course, electric bike, packraft, airboat and walking have already resumed.
To know the opening dates of the different activities and the activities already open, go to this page. We are back and reservations are open. Remember that you can cancel any reservation at no charge up to 24 hours before the activity.
For any question regarding your reservation, please consult our FAQ or the “chat”.