The Lake Castillon on the Verdon river

Port de Saint-julien du Verdon

Castillon lake: the harmony of waters and nature

This lake with a subtle and natural charm enjoy the benefits of the clean air of the Alps, which are not so far away. It will offer you a big breath of fresh air in the middle of summer and a breathtaking view throughout the year. Lake Castillon is the second largest lake in the area behind lake Sainte-Croix.

This superb lake borders two villages: Saint-André Les Alpes and Saint Julien du Verdon. The first will make you enjoy its quiet beaches. The village being upstream of the lake there is no better place to take a dip. As for Saint-Julien du Verdon, you will be sure to be won over by its Provencal and picturesque charm. From there too you may jump in the water whenever you like.

Quite different from that of Sainte-Croix or Esparron, Lake Castillon offers another facet of the diversity of landscapes in the Verdon. Due to its beautiful emerald water, its visit will undoubtedly be one of the best moments of your stay in the region.

Lac de Castillon Touron beach

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What are the most beautiful beaches?

Lac de Castillon has three perfectly well-appointed and secure beaches.

Touron beach

First of all the Baie du Touron in Saint Julien du Verdon. It is a perfect beach for family activities such as paddle boating, motorboats and motor boating lessons. This very pleasant beach makes it possible to reconcile swimming and sporting activities at the edge of the lake. A grassy area overlooking the beach offers an alternative for a shaded nap. The only downside is that the parking lot is small but the number of visitors to this beach remains modest.

La “plage du Plan” in Saint-André les Alpes

Then there is Plan Beach in Saint-André Les Alpes. There a green and radiant grass will offer you moments of relaxation in the sun and swimming in the emerald-colored waters of Lake Castillon. Several opportunities are available to you: initiation to sailing, stand up paddle or pedal boat rental. Everyone will find an activity suited to their tastes and desires.

Cheiron bay

Finally the Cheiron Bay in the village of Castellane. Another paradisaical bathing corner of Lake Castillon. It is also possible to rent pedal boats and kayaks, so you can go with family or friends to discover the islands of the lake. A refreshment bar offers a shaded area in summer at the entrance to the lake and near the pedal boat rental company.
It is a dream location for lovers of harmony with nature, just 15 minutes from Castellane.

Cheiron Bay Lac de Castillon


What to do at Lake Castillon?

Nautical activities

As on many of the lakes of Verdon, many activities can be practiced on Lake Castillon:

You can rent canoes by going to our “Book your activity” page . But also canoes, kayaks and pedal boats to explore the many coves of the lake. Note that it is also possible to rent motorboats for the day to sail in peace.

But Lake Castillon also allows windsurfing, catamaran, hike-sailing, dinghy, towed buoy, knee-board, wake-board, night outings in kayak and water skiing. Do we need to say that there will be something for everyone, for calm as for adrenaline?

The Peach

Notice also to fishermen, Lake Castillon is a great place for fishing in the Verdon. Either from the banks or from a small boat, you can meet the Verdonian fish.

Pontoon of Saint-Julien on Lake Castillon

The visit of the Castillon dam

Halfway between Castellane and Saint-André , it is the historic Verdon dam. In fact, from 1948, this 95-meter high building allowed the production of electricity in the Haut Verdon. From the dam, enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake and the Verdon downstream. On the dam, you will discover the largest sundial in the world! It is the shadow of the parapet overhanging the dam that acts as a style, and the plots giving the time according to the position of this shadow were made by 2 of the greatest French astrophysicists in 2009. A halt is essential so during your visit to the dam!

Where to eat around Lake Castillon?

Like all the lakes of the Verdon, the lake of Castillon will offer you many possibilities to eat between two walks or activities.

Lake of Castillon le Cheiron


What are the most beautiful views?

You will surely have understood it, the shores of the lake of Castillon are so beautiful that you can only want to rest there for a few hours. It is often said of it that it is the most harmonious Verdonian lake, and it has not undermined its title.

The dam will also offer you a superb panorama of the lower part of the lake!

Finally, the village of Saint Julien du Verdon borders the lake and will offer you an unforgettable view of its beaches and harmonious waters.

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