Rafting in the Verdon: white water rapids and family rides

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rafting gorges du Verdon

Where to go rafting in the Verdon?

With 100 km of gorges, the Verdon offers a diversity of landscapes and styles for its exploration by water. Let us recall here that the gorges of the Verdon are divided into three parts. The lower gorges are ideal for quiet canoeing with children. The Baudinard gorges are refreshing and superb but it is still a matter of strolling and exploring, while the Grand Canyon is reserved for kayaking professionals or can be explored on a water hike.

So, where to go rafting in the Verdon? For the thrills, you have to go to Castellane upstream of the Grand Canyon.

rafting in the verdon

How to practice rafting in the Verdon?

An inflatable boat containing eight people, rafting was invented 40 years ago by the military to transport equipment on waterways. So you’ll be up to eight passengers on a raft for a helmsman. Don’t expect to lead the raft! The helmsman is a qualified instructor who is responsible for the crew. He will, therefore, give you simple instructions: right, left, forward, backward! Indeed, for all this to work well, there must be coordination between paddlers. Rafting is, therefore, par excellence and by necessity a team sport.

The most beautiful raft trips in the Verdon

Downstream from Castellane, the Verdon enters narrow gorges while following the gorges road. It is in this section over 15 kilometers that the conditions are right for rafting. From Castellane, there are four rafting routes to choose from. Discovery rafting, Carajuan rafting, Pont de Soleil rafting and finally Point Sublime rafting. The latter is, of course, the must, but it has some surprises in store for you…

Rafting with Daffy

Discovery rafting

This is the shortest trip of one and a half hours. It can be done from the age of 10 (and sometimes even 8 years if you are with the parents depending on the providers). In this version, you start from Castellane and stop at the beach of the pine forest near Chasteuil. That’s about 8 or 9 km of descent. The most impressive rapid is the one in Saint-Jean which will leave you delighted and soaked! You can book or get more information here.

The rafting Pont de Soleils

This is the middle version. About 2h30 of descent to reach the Pont de Soleils. The name of the bridge comes from the hamlet of Soleils located in the municipality of Trigance. To learn more about this commune and the surprises it has in store for you, please refer to our article about Trigance. This trip can be booked on our website or you can get more information here.

The rafting Point Sublime

This is the long version from Castellane to the Sublime Point. An 18-kilometer descent that crosses all the previous rapids and the famous solo rapids. This rapid, located just upstream of the Samson corridor, is the icing on the cake on this course. The last section between Pont de Soleil and the Sublime point crosses gorges of great beauty and wilderness. Indeed, the road is no longer there to break the atmosphere. After the Tusset bridge, the Verdon rushes into the Salpétrière, a kind of clue that announces the proximity of the Grand Canyon. However, everything must be earned and you will have to carry the boat at the end of the descent in order to go back up with a snowshoe and get back to the road. You can book this raft trip here.

what a minimum age for rafting in the verdon

How old are you for rafting in the Verdon? Rafting in the Verdon with children

The different routes allow families with children to enjoy their first rafting experience. In all cases, the minimum age is 8 eight years old, provided that the parents are accompanied by them.

Discovery rafting from the age of eight

This is the minimum age for a course of one and a half hours. See above for a description of the course and how to book it. In addition to the question of age, the weight will be able to play a role in the decision with a minimum of at least 30 kilos. The child must be able to stay on the raft. If it is too light, it may be cold. Let us not forget that the objective in addition to guaranteeing safety is above all to have fun!

Rafting Pont de Soleil from 10 years old

The minimum age of 10 years is required for the Pont de Soleil rafting course. This is also a minimum. I have seen children who were afraid and it is sometimes the parents who are really motivated. In case of doubt, it is better to wait another year and prefer another activity. Indeed, there are short routes this canyoning perfectly adapted to children from 6 years old.

When to practice rafting in the gorges of the Verdon?

Rafting in the Verdon in May and June

In May and June, rafting can be practiced on the Haut Verdon. In this case, the flow is natural and everything will depend on snow and rain conditions in the spring.

rafting verdon gopro

Rafting Verdon What price in 2019 and 2020? Rafting price comparison

If you find different prices for rafting in the Verdon, ask yourself the question: for which route? Indeed, prices vary from 35 to 60 euros depending on the route chosen. Here are the prices for 2019 and 2020:

Price rafting Verdon discovery course: 40 euros per person

This is the first prize for discovering rafting. If you find it cheaper, it may hide some disadvantages. Find out more and compare….

Price rafting Verdon Pont de Soleil: 45 euros to 50 euros per person

Find out where it all started. Indeed, leaving from Castellane adds about twenty minutes compared to a departure further downstream.

Price rafting Verdon Point Sublime: 55 euros to 70 euros per person

This route can be done from Pont de Soleil in a short version for 55 euros. From Castellane to the day, we take a picnic and it is necessary to count 70 euros.

Rafting, company seminar in the Verdon and team spirit

Adventure course, rafting, orienteering race… The activities offered in the Verdon are ideal for developing team spirit. Verdon Voyages has designed trips adapted to companies in order to meet their objectives. Consult us to prepare your seminar or your turnkey business convention.

Airboat in the Verdon Gorge

Découvrez les gorges du Verdon en 3D avec le film Verdon Secret sur écran géant

Des images à couper le souffle à la découverte du plus grand canyon d’Europe !

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