Boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon


Boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon is a must during any visit to our region in the summer. With an abundance of options in the region, you’re sure to have questions about boat rental. Where can you rent a boat in Verdon? Can you bring young children? What about bringing a pet dog on a boat? What are the most beautiful journeys? And how much does it cost to rent a boat on the Verdon river?
To answer these questions, we’ve collated a guide of the most beautiful boat trips in Verdon. Reservations can be made online on our website to avoid long queues in the summer.


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Where to rent a boat in the Gorges du Verdon

Boat rental on Lake Esparron

Lake Esparron marks the end of the low gorge at the north end of the Gorges du Verdon. Renting a boat on Lake Esparron will, therefore, provide nearly 9 km of the Verdon river surrounded by low gorges to explore. You can even cruise along to Lake Quinson, further south. Add in a picnic and some swimming for an even more enjoyable boat trip.

In half a day, you can visit some of the low gorges, but we recommend a full-day trip to fully experience this part of the gorge. The Verdon river flows from Quinson to Esparron, so renting a boat from Esparron and heading towards Quinson means you’ll be helped by the current on your way back. You can book a canoe or an electric boat online from our website. Our prices are guaranteed so the prices you see online are the same as the prices you’ll see when you arrive.

bateau gorges verdon

Rent a boat in the lower gorges — a boat trip with the children

In the lower gorges, the current is very weak and slow. Thrillseekers might prefer to visit the middle of the Verdon towards Castellane. However, if you’re looking to maximize family fun time, the lower gorges are perfect. Here, all ages are welcome — even babies. Young kids will love being able to both ride on a boat and swim in these waters. Pets are allowed too. Last but not least, electric boats are comfortable and shaded.

Some simple rules must be followed, of course. Remember no to leave any rubbish behind, for example. And since 2018, berthing is regulated in the lower gorges.


Boating around Lake Quinson

If you prefer, you can hire a boat on Lake Quinson and explore the lower gorges from there. However, if you head towards Lake Esparron, remember that the direction of the current will make your return a little more painful if you’re paddling. With an electric boat, a round trip in 4 hours is possible. By canoe, plan a day-long rental.

Rent a boat and explore the Gorges de Baudinard

Boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon offers many varied courses. Less crowded than the lower gorges or the Grand Canyon, the Gorges de Baudinard reveal an inaccessible canyon landscape. Indeed, you can only discover them by water.

Access to the Gorges de Bautinard is from Montpezat. Arriving at the top of Montpezat, the road splits. On the left is the bridge over the Verdon river and the Tohapi campsite, with boat hire run by Bertrand, called La base Nautique du Coteau. On the right, you’ll find two more boat rental businesses — Base Yannick and Aquattitude Christophe. You can book by phone through us.

How much time does it take to explore the Gorges de Baudinard?

The Gorges de Baudinard take around two to three hours to visit depending on the chosen starting point. The cliffs plunge directly into the Verdon river, and you can visit semi-immersed caves. As a result, the landscape yields cooler air, with mossy surfaces and, depending on the season, small waterfalls.

However, the Gorges de Baudinard are less suitable for swimming because the water is also much colder. In fact, the Sainte-Croix Lake dam upstream cools the water from the bottom of the lake.

bateau electrique lac sainte-croix

Rent a boat on Lake Sainte-Croix

Lake Sainte-Croix is ​​the largest lake in the Gorges du Verdon. Boats can be rented in Bauduen, Sainte-Croix du Verdon and Moustiers Sainte-Marie.

Rent a boat from Bauduen

By electric boat from Bauduen, allow a day to cross the lake and the Grand Canyon of Verdon. You can also visit the island of Costebelle located near the Salles-Sur-Verdon.

For a picturesque lakeside walk, choose Bauduen which boasts a landscape of small coves and secret beaches.
If you wish to explore the Grand Canyon, we’ll provide you with useful information and tips. Our boat rental in Bauduen is organized with Alizée Electronic.

Rent a boat from Moustiers Sainte-Marie to explore the Gorges de Verdon

Renting a boat from Moustiers Sainte-Marie is possible, but it’s not yet possible to book in advance for next summer. We will update this article as soon as the rental calendar is open.

From Galetas bridge (see photo), you can explore by boat for 1.5 km. Beyond that, the Verdon river is closed to boats to protect the environment. This place is beautiful yet busy in the middle of summer. You can get to Galetas bridge from Moustiers Sainte-Marie. It’s the most famous bridge of the gorge (see the photo above). We highly recommend reserving a boat. Without a reservation, you will need to join the queue: get there early in the morning (around 9 am) for the best chance of hiring a boat the same day.

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By boat in the Grand Canyon of Verdon: the rules to follow

Remember that you are in a regional natural park . Buoys mark the boating area, and you will reach them after around  45 minutes sailing. Docking is not allowed at the Saint-Maurin waterfall, which is a sensitive natural area. Of course, all your garbage must come back with you. Finally, remember that you’re not permitted to jump from Galétas bridge.

Rent a boat from Sainte-Croix du Verdon

Boat hire from the beach of Sainte-Croix is provided by Lac-Loc and a sailing school — both located on the beach. Popluar boat trips include crossing the lake to explore the island of Costebelle or to go to Bauduen.

Sailing Clubs on Lake Sainte-Croix

If you prefer sailing, there are several options. Cadeno beach (near Moustiers) has catamarans for hire and offers sailing lessons. A thermal wind strengthens on the lake in the afternoon, so renting in the morning might mean no wind.
Other possibilities include sailing schools at Sainte-Croix and Bauduen. Their range for rent includes catamarans, dinghies and SUP (stand-up paddle boards).


Electric boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon: what to know

Electric boats can be driven without a license. The average speed of these boats is 8 km/hour. Lockers are available and all boats have a covered section for shade. Young children can steer these boats with adult supervision, and pets are allowed on board. When you hire an electric boat, you will be given a map of the lake and the gorges. Finally, advance reservation is highly recommended by phone or online on our website.

Boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon

Rental rates for electric boats vary depending on some simple factors. Half-day rental typically costs between €80 and €120 for a boat with 5 to 7 places. Boat rental is cheaper in the Gorges de Baudinard. Full-day rental in the lower gorges usually costs between €150 and €180, depending on the capacity of the electric boat. For those on a budget, the best option is the canoe. You’ll €25 for a half-day and €40 for a full day. Read more about activities on the water in our article on canoeing in the Verdon river.
Don’t forget, you can reserve electric boats or book a canoe or a pedal boat online any time.


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