Boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon

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Boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon is part of any visit to our region in the summer. Yet many questions arise. Where to rent a boat in the Verdon? Can you bring young children? And why not a dog on the boat? What are the most beautiful journeys? Where are you at?
To provide answers to these questions, we have made an overview of the most beautiful boat trips. Reservations can be made online on our website to avoid long queues in the summer.

rental-boat-Verdon Gorges

Where to rent a boat in the Gorges du Verdon?

Boat rental in the Verdon Gorges on Lake Esparron

Lake Esparron marks the end of the low gorge. Rent a boat in Esparron will, therefore, go up the low gorge on nearly 9 kilometers. We can even go to Lake Quinson.
This is a very pleasant walk to reconcile picnic, swimming and boat trip.
Half a day, we can go up some of the low gorges but it is the day that this trip will make sense. Recall here that the Verdon flows in the direction Quinson-Esparron. That’s why renting to Esparron allows you to come back while being pushed by the current. You can book a canoe or electric boat online from our website. Our prices are guaranteed and the price will be the same as that which you will find on the spot.

boat-Verdon gorges

Rent a boat in the lower gorges, a boat trip with the children

The current is very weak in the low grooves and there is no fast. Fans of thrills will rather go in the middle Verdon towards Castellane. On the other hand, if your goal is to have a good time with your family, this is really the solution. Here everyone is welcome even babies. Young children will be delighted because the boat and swimming are here compatible. Pets are allowed. Electric boats are comfortable and shaded. Some simple rules must be respected as everywhere. Do not leave any waste behind. Since 2018, berthing is regulated in the lower gorges.

Verdon paddle

By boat on Lake Quinson

It is a variant of the exploration of the lower gorges by boat because the lakes of Esparron and Quinson are connected. However, the direction of the current will impose a return a little more painful if you went to Lake Esparron.
By electric boat, roundtrip in 4 hours is possible. By canoe, plan a rental by the day.

Rent a boat and explore the Baudinard Gorge

Boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon offers various varied courses. Less crowded than the lower gorges or the grand canyon, the Baudinard gorges reveal an inaccessible canyon landscape. Indeed, you can only discover them in the water. Access is by Montpezat. Arriving at the top of Montpezat, the road separates. On the left the bridge over the Verdon and camping Tohapi with its nautical base held by Bertrand: “La base Nautique du Coteau. On the right side, two bases await you the Base Yannick and the base Aquattitude Christophe. You can book by phone by contacting us.

How long to explore the Baudinard Gorge?

The gorge of Baudinard can be explored in two to three hours depending on the chosen starting point. The cliffs plunge directly into the Verdon. Semi immersed caves can be visited. You will discover a very fresh landscape with moss walls and depending on the season of small waterfalls. However, the Baudinard gorges are less suitable for swimming because the water is much colder. Indeed, the Sainte-Croix Lake Dam located just upstream cooled the water that comes from the bottom of the lake.

boat electric-Verdon

Rent a boat on Lake St. Croix

Lake Sainte-Croix is ​​the largest lake in the Verdon. Rentals are possible in Bauduen, Sainte-Croix du Verdon and Moustiers Sainte-Marie.

Rent a boat from Bauduen

By electric boat from Bauduen, plan the day to cross the lake and the Grand Canyon of Verdon. We can also visit the island of Costebelle located near the Salles Sur Verdon.
For a walk on the lake, choose Bauduen which offers a landscape of small coves and secret beaches.
For the exploration of the Grand Canyon, we detail what you need to know. The rental in Bauduen is possible with Alizée Electronic.

Rent a boat from Moustiers Sainte-Marie to explore the Verdon Gorge

Renting a boat from Moustiers Sainte-Marie is possible but it is still impossible to book in advance in 2019. We will update this article and hope it will be in place in 2020.
Navigation from the bridge of Galetas (see photo) is possible on 1.5 km. Then the Verdon is closed to navigation to protect the environment. This place is not so beautiful and busy in the middle of summer. Go to the bridge of Galetas near Moustiers Sainte-Marie. This is the most famous bridge of the Verdon (see our photo above). Without a possible reservation, it will take you to the next day.


By boat in the Grand Canyon of Verdon: the rules to follow

Remember that you are in a regional nature park . Buoys delimit the navigation area, you reach them in 45 minutes sailing. Berthing prohibited at the St. Maurin waterfall: it is a sensitive natural area. Of course, all your garbage must be back with you. Finally remember that it is forbidden to jump from the bridge of Galétas.

Rent a boat from Sainte-Croix du Verdon

Rental from the beach of St. Croix is ​​possible with Lac-Loc or with the sailing school both located on the beach. The interest is to cross the lake to explore the island of Costebelle or to go to Bauduen.

Sailing Clubs on Lake St. Croix

If you prefer sailing, you have several options. The beach of Cadeno (near Moustiers) offers catamarans for hire and sailing. A thermal rises on the lake in the afternoon. That’s why in the morning
Other possibilities: the sailing schools of St. Croix or Bauduen. Catamarans, dinghies, paddle are offered for rent in these different clubs.


Electric boat rental in the Gorges du Verdon: to know

Electric boats can be driven without a license. The average speed of these boats is 8 km / hour. storage boxes are available and all boats have a shaded area. Young children can accompany this boat. Animals are allowed. The hirers give you a map of the lake or gorges. Finally the reservation is highly recommended by phone or online on our website.

Boat rental in Verdon Gorge

The rates for electric boats vary according to the renters and some trends emerge. At the half day, between 80 € and 120 € for a boat of 5 to 7 places. The rental is cheaper in the gorges of Baudinard. At the day on the low thrift, from 150 euros to 180 euros depending on the capacity of the electric boat. For a budget, the best solution is 22 euros half a day and 34 euros a day. Refer to this topic in our article on canoeing in the Verdon.
Finally you can book your own electric boats or book your canoe or pedal boat.

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