Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon and the forests of the Verdon

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It is certainly one of the greenish towns near the Verdon. There are no less than three hectares of wood and forests surrounding Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon, pleasantly shared on this magnificent territory. Three hectares represents a third of the village (and 0,003% of Paris, but that is random info – and Paris doesn’t have any forest anyway). You will have no better ways to dive into the Green Provence! This greenery is one of the best touristic attraction of this little town, along with its atmosphere and the many hiking paths. It’s very different from the ones you can find it the Gorges du Verdon, but those paths are as beautiful and –  for many of them – more practical.

You’ll also be able to taste the delighting sports the region has to offer thanks to the proximity Saint Laurent du Verdon has with the Quinson lake. The town is also close to the Saint-Croix lake – which is much more peaceful – and the Esparron lake.


Rambles and hikes near Saint-Laurent


First of all, rather you’re more of the foot type or the bike type, this town is perfect for outdoor activities. Many paths allow you to enjoy the peace of the nature surrounding the Verdon. Here are two of the beast rambles you can experiment at Saint-Laurent, beautiful and atypical, charming and relaxing.

The Coteau Chiron is a pleasant and well-marked path that allows you to discover in no time the diversity of our lands. From the village to the Basses Gorges, you will cross a lovely wood and go along a tiny pretty lake. From the entrance of the Gorges, the paths lightly raise to offer you fantastic views on the Gorges du Verdon. You’ll next reach the Montpezat lake, where you’ll most likely enjoy a great view of the village. The whole hike takes 2 hours and a half and is a pretty easy one.

The Notre-Dame path is another one of our pleasant loops starting from Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon. You can cross it from the est or the west, but we recommend the East to West one better. The tour lasts about two hours and is 6km long. From the centre of the village, you’ll directly go down to the Verdon before going back up and joining Notre-Dame (not the one for Paris, if you arrive there, know you walked for too long). Then you’ll calmly go down to the burg again, dawdling along a tiny path. The section longing the Verdon is simply flabbergasting!

If you want to discover other great Rambles, you can consult our Activities page!


Randonnée à Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon


What to see in town?


If you like the Middle-Age era, you’ll certainly love Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon. The origins of the village are very old, and you can still see some Gallo-Roman vestiges along with an incredible Roman and Gothic architecture estate. Since it’s a tiny town, there are tiny vestiges (we, unfortunately, don’t have a Colosseum-like building, it would take too much space) but you’ll surely enjoy the remainings of this intriguing era!

As an example, we can cite the XVII oil mill, converted nowadays into a splendid hotel. You can admire there one of the most beautiful Provançal gardens. Not far from this mill, you can’t miss the XVIII washing place either! Then, you would be able to dive in the past some more by visiting the ruins of the XV castle along with some houses built in the same age.

Standing apart the centre of the village stands Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon castle. Built in the XVII century, it’s surrounded by fours towers and is home for an imposing fireplace from the Louis XIV era, along with beautiful curved windows.


La chapelle de Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon


Where to sleep in Saint-Laurent-du-Verdon ?


Apart from the many holiday rent offers, Saint-Laurent is also provided with two splendid hotels you should visit if you have the time. The Moulin du Château (cf. above), held by the lovely Edith and Nicolas, who welcome you in this unmissable three stars hotel. Ten luminous and beautiful rooms, decorated with an obvious taste for details, and the food is simply delightful. For the nature lovers around here: many hiking paths start at the foot of the hotel!

The, why don’t you spend a night in the Colonbière du Château? This guesthouse offers five large rooms in a very peaceful environment, in the heart of the wild Provence. The farmhouse, in the middle of olive and lavender fields, was built in the XVII century and have been remarkably restored not too long ago.

At last, if you’re looking for great camping in the area, you can definitively try La Farigoulette. Ranked five stars, it has all the equipment you could wish for. Its restaurant, along with its grocery-bakery shop, will enable you to finish the day in the best way possible. Its major strong point? The camping has its own direct access to the lake along with a private nautic base, which allows you to discover the Verdon right from where you sleep! Moreover, the camping pool is warmed, even in the low season. An aquatic space dedicated to kids is also open to everyone, another reason to come with your family!

In case you are looking for another place to stay in the region, you can check our page. As specialists of the region, we are available to help you organize your trip at best!

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