Rougon, the Verdon Above the Sublime?

Le village de Rougon

Rougon is a unique village overlooking the famous Point Sublime, in the heart of the Gorges du Verdon. When you approach Rougon by the narrow winding road, suddenly, at the bend of a curve, Rougon emerges. Nestled under a huge rocky spur topped by the remains of a medieval castle, the village is like a challenge to the void. Explore the surroundings and the peaceful village ! stop in front of the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon and the Alpes de Haute-Provence, and enjoy the Verdon to the full !

Some ideas of activities to do in the Verdon during your hike

Here are some ideas of activities to book before or after your hike in Rougon.
Book a guide for the Imbut Trail
Book a guide for the Martel White Trail
– Enjoy an evening of astronomy on the shores of Lake St. Croix and sleep on site
– Watch the film Verdon Secret in 3D on a giant screen


What to See in the Village of Rougon


First, the altitude situation of Rougon offers you a magnificent panorama on the Samson Corridor passage, starting point of the Canyon du Verdon. Of course, the Point Sublime is the most famous viewpoint in the area and you will undoubtedly visit it.

But the village is also very interesting ! Built in the ninth century, Rougon is an authentic medieval eagle’s nest village. Its sloping streets, old houses, ruins, all make us travel back in time for an afternoon. The ruins of the castle, perched on a rocky outcrop, are a testimony to the region’s past.
So are the two ancient bridges over the Verdon. The Tusset Bridge, which crosses the river at the foot of the village. Thirty minuts walk from the Point Sublime, this bridge is a gorgeous structure. Besides, its roadway is cobblestone-paved, in the traditional Provençal way. The Carajuan Bridge, which leads to Trigance, is also worth a visit.


La mairie de Rougon


The Essential Hikes


First, the mythical Blanc-Martel hiking trail was formerly known as the “Sentier Martel”. This 7 hours trail will take you to the stream bed of the Verdon for a memorable walk. Plan a day to fully enjoy it. Indeed, the hike itself will only take you five to six hours, but you will often stop to admire what surrounds you!
The trail connects Rougon to the Chalet de la Maline. It can, of course, be done in both directions, but it can be interesting to start from the Chalet de La Maline to tackle the few difficult downhill areas. It should also be noted that some passages can be impressive for people who are sensitive to vertigo.

Then, if you want more, and in a completely different style, the Suech Plateau hike will be perfect for you. You will leave from the center of Rougon to reach the Plateau du Suech and its beautiful panoramas. If you are lucky, you can even admire the wild vultures of the Verdon!
This trail is a nice three-hour (9 km) loop, quite easy. At the height of summer, remember to cover up, because the plateau is very sunny and the shade is scarce!



The Vultures of the Verdon


First, one of Rougon’s particularities is its privileged location for bird watching, especially vultures. From the top of its 1000 meters of altitude, it is one of the best places to observe them!

Alone or with a guide, first reach the village of Rougon, then escape to the various lookouts that will allow you to discreetly observe these magnificent birds of prey. You will marvel at the elegance of their flight, and you will try to distinguish the different species present. To name but a few, you will surely see in Rougon the Wild Vulture, the Egyptian Percnopter, and, of course, the majestic Monk Vulture. Indeed, the diversity of species present in this heavenly place will remain an unforgettable moment. Contact us or visit the Activities page to organize your visit and stay!


Where to stay in Rougon?


Rougon has a few good choices in terms of accommodation. Besides the many seasonal rentals, you will find two hotels and a very pleasant campsite in the village.

The Camping Verdon Carajuan is located on the banks of the river, in an ideal location. Indeed, it is situated a few minutes from the Blanc-Martel trail. Therefore, a very practical base to discover the famous trail and its magnificent stroll during the day. It is also halfway between the Lake of Castillon and the Lake of Sainte-Croix, where the best activities and water sports in the Verdon are concentrated.

The Auberge du Point Sublime

The Auberge du Point Sublime, as its name suggests, is located very close to the Point Sublime. Magali and her adorable team welcome you to a unique place. From the hotel’s terrace, you can admire the entrance to the gorges and the sumptuous Samson Corridor. A dream night awaits you in the atmosphere of the Verdon Canyon. From the hotel, you can access the Point Sublime via a small path in just 600 meters. The hotel’s rooms enjoy an exceptional view, and the restaurant’s cuisine is authentic. You will taste traditional recipes with Provençal scents. Besides, the chef is awarded the title Maître Restaurateur and the cuisine is labeled Pays Gourmand, so go ahead with your eyes closed!

Finally, at the gîte Le Mur d’Abeilles, you will stay in the heart of the village of Rougon in an unusual setting. It is also the favorite place for gourmets… Indeed, you can taste Michelle’s delicious sweet and savory pancakes, because Le Mur d’Abeilles is also an authentic creperie, and the best in Rougon!
After a beautiful day in the Gorges du Verdon, even if you stay elsewhere in Rougon, don’t miss visiting them and enjoy a cake or a crêpe while admiring the superb panoramic view from the sunny terrace.



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