Aiguines, Wood Turning Area of the Verdon

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Le château d'Aiguines

With its splendid view of the Lake of Sainte-Croix and the Valensole plateau, Aiguines is an unmissable place at the gateway to the largest canyon in Europe. Dating to medieval times, this small village, which has extensive knowledge of wood turning, harbors many treasures. Nearest to the lake of Sainte-Croix and the Gorges du Verdon, Aiguines is also a strategic place for lovers of hiking, whitewater sports or simply relaxing on a pebble beach!


What to See in Aiguines?


Above all, Aiguines is a superb Provençal village. From its medieval origins, it kept its narrow streets, terraces, vaulted steps…Last but not least, its recently renovated Place de la Fontaine. Visitors can experience the gentle life of such a privileged environment by simply walking through the village under the blue sky of Giono.

Then, you will discover in Aiguines another heritage from the time of the knights: the parish church of Saint-Jean and the castle. Both have undergone many transformations and renovations, but their character comes from the superb interiors that have always been well preserved. Thus, in the church, lovers of sacred art will have the chance to admire a Christ on a cross classified as a Historic Monument. The castle isn’t to be outdone, with its roof and facades classified under the same title. However, please note that it’s unfortunately impossible to visit the inside of the castle. Today, it’s a private residence not open to the public.

The Saint-Pierre chapel and its orientation table are, on the other hand, open to everyone, and constitutes the highlight of a visit to Aiguines! Indeed, it’s located between the remains of the old castrum, and its location offers a breathtaking panorama. Overlooking Lake of Sainte-Croix, this point of view extends to the Valensole plateau, the pre-Alps and the Luberon range!


Aiguines, vue depuis la Chapelle Saint-Pierre


What to Do in Aiguines?


One can’t mention Aiguines without presenting its Museum of Wood turning. Thus you will discover the fascinating history and secrets of a unique craft. The development of this village is closely linked to this craft. Indeed, in the heart of this splendid environment, the abundance of tree species was a real treasure. This allowed Aiguines to become in the 16th century the largest wood turning factory in the whole of Southeast France.

Come and discover in this museum some collections labeled “Musée de France” which represent a rare heritage and the testimony of a unique know-how on which today’s turners still rely. Vibrate throughout the history of these passionate craftsmen who risked their lives harvesting precious wood on the cliffs of the Verdon.

The other emblematic specialty of this pretty village has long been the studded petanque balls. They consisted of a wooden ball in which the women of Aiguines planted 500 to 1000 nails, sitting in front of their door. The unique sound atmosphere created by these workers still seems to resonate today thanks to the Museum of Wood turning!


Le Grand Canyon du Verdon près d'Aiguines


Where to Stay ?


For a stay full of emotions, there is no better place than the Hôtel du Grand Canyon du Verdon. This one is set, like a balancing act, on the Sublime Corniche 300 meters above the Gorges du Verdon. This place will offer you, from the panoramic bay of its restaurant a grandiose and unforgettable view on the largest canyon in Europe!

The Hôtel du Vieux Château, for its part, offers a bird’s eye view of the Lake of Sainte-Croix from its rooms. Located on the village square, it will fascinate you with its Provençal charm, through its ten rooms, each with a different atmosphere.

For lovers of stays as close as possible to nature, the Camping de l’Aigle also offers a splendid view of the Lake of Sainte-Croix. Located three minutes walk from the village, it offers a wide range of rentals from simple camping sites to surprising and unusual accommodations! Why not combine the splendor of this natural park with a stay in a Western-style trailer or a romantic “bubble” to admire the stars as you fall asleep?

For its comfort and quality of welcome, you will surely love the Domaine de Chanteraine. Cozy cottages, a warm bar and a heated swimming pool that invites you to swim! Feel free to visit our Accommodations page for more information on these atypical accommodations.


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