Barjols, a haven of freshness in the heart of Provence

Barjols, panorama

A village where water flows everywhere and where freshness invigora. What could be a better dream of at the height of the Provençal summer? Known as the “Tivoli of Provence”, Barjols is renowned for the abundance of its springs, torrents and streams. Its history and development are closely linked to water, as evidenced by the twelve washhouses and thirty fountains scattered throughout the village. In Barjols, one still practices the “bugades”, these big laundries of the household linen which are part of an old tradition.

You will therefore come to refresh yourself pleasantly in Barjols for an afternoon, or perhaps you will stay a little longer. Enchanted by the charm of the village, you may decide to establish your base there for the visit of the Verdon Natural Park.
Have a look on our interactive map to locate Barjols and plan your trip.

Some ideas of activities to do in the Verdon during your hike

Here are some ideas of activities to book before or after your hike in Barjols.
Book a guide for the Imbut Trail
Book a guide for the Martel White Trail
– Enjoy an evening of astronomy on the shores of Lake St. Croix and sleep on site
– Watch the film Verdon Secret in 3D on a giant screen


What to Do in Barjols?

First, the best thing to do in Barjols is the fountain circuit. Take a walk through the village in search of the twelve washhouses and thirty fountains that hide in the alleys and squares. With children, you will pretend to be a detective by going from surprise to surprise. It is a real treasure hunt that will keep them busy for the afternoon. You will also learn about the history of the village and the importance of water. The tourist office provides a very good map of the circuit that allows children to choose where to go and find the fountains themselves.


Barjols, la cascade du Réal


Continue your visit through the old “Réal District”. Former capital of tannery since the 17th century, thanks to the abundance of its waters, Barjols has gained its reputation through its leather. Today, many contemporary artists and sculptors have taken over the abandoned industrial district. They will be pleased to show you their workshops, which are bathed in a unique atmosphere. Some tanneries, converted into artistic meeting places or atypical houses, are really worth a visit.

Finally, take a look at the magnificent collegiate church, which dates back to the 11th century. A gorgeous building classified as a historical monument. Its main features are the superb carved wooden stalls and the well-preserved 13th century tympanum. The collegiate church has a typical sound, famous among connoisseurs, and without equivalent in any other region.

Hikes and Walks From Barjols

First of all, the most pleasant walk in Barjols is undoubtedly the Vallon des Carmes. Imagine a superb natural site of three hectares in the immediate vicinity of the village. It is a true paradise of freshness in summer. You will follow the Fauvery River by a very well-designed path. Sometimes you will cross it thanks to small footbridges, then you will come across magnificent waterfalls where you can swim in crystal clear water. The path is very easy, and the walk is very pleasant. This place is perfect for a family outing. You will really feel as if you’ve flown to distant islands, but no! You are simply in the heart of the Provence Verte, a stone’s throw from the Verdon Natural Park.

A haven of peace and freshness, the Vallon des Carmes is also a place of history. Indeed, you can visit the remains of the former cave monastery, which overlooks the valley in a mysterious and idyllic setting.

The Marreliers Trail is a family hike of about three hours that will take you along small asphalt roads through Barjols. It is an easy and very pleasant loop.

For the more athletic, the hike called “Des Carmes au Petit Bessillon” requires about four hours of hiking. It is also a very exotic loop, which will make you discover, besides Barjols, the village of Pontevès, and especially the Petit Bessillon, whose ascent offers a superb panorama.

Where to Stay ?

Barjols offers many holiday rentals as well as cottages and guest rooms. Feel free to ask us for advice on your reservations by checking the Accommodation page. For an a typical stay, you can for example choose the Cabane des Amoureux, a tree house well equipped and endowed with a panoramic terrace. A special mention for his continental breakfast and the delicious homemade jams prepared by the owners!

The Barjols hotel, Le Pont d’Or, is located in the heart of the village. Its rooms enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding valleys and hills. You will undoubtedly enjoy the local cuisine of its restaurant.

Finally, there is no camping in Barjols itself. However, if you want to set up your tent to enjoy this magnificent region, you can go to Cotignac or Correns, two villages only ten kilometers away. Of course, you can also visit one of the campsites located in the wilderness of the Verdon Park! Just take a look at our article Campings in Verdon Gorges, for more information.



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