Régusse, the Verdon windmills

Régusse's windmills

The charming village of Régusse is situated on a wide plain, nestled between wooded valleys. This peaceful spot in the Haut-Var is very close to the Gorges du Verdon, in the heart of the Natural Park. You will discover a medieval city that still bears the traces of the Templars. They built a fortress in Régusse in the 12th century. You can still admire the vestiges of this past, but especially the famous windmills, one of which still produces flour!

Some ideas of activities to do in the Verdon during your hike

Here are some ideas of activities to book before or after your hike in Régusse.
Book a guide for the Imbut Trail
Book a guide for the Martel White Trail
– Enjoy an evening of astronomy on the shores of Lake St. Croix and sleep on site
– Watch the film Verdon Secret in 3D on a giant screen


What to see in Regusse?

First of all, Régusse is of course famous for its windmills, and you will not fail to visit them. Listed as Historic Monuments, they date from the 12th and 13th centuries and are among the oldest in France. One has become a museum of agrarian tools, and the other is still used to produce flour.

It was the Templar who brought the idea of the windmill to Provence during their journey to the Holy Land. Provençal mills of this type are very well thought out. They can adapt to the prevailing winds, the mistral and the east wind. Indeed, the conical roof and the wings are adjustable. It takes no less than six people to carry out the moment and steer the windmill into the wind!

During your stay, you will also be able to see the remains of Régusse’s old defensive system. Turrets, ramparts, underground passages will plunge you into the past during a pleasant walk in the village. During your visit, you will come across beautiful old houses, porches, arches, as well as the town hall and its original cylindrical bell tower which dates from the 16th century.

Un des moulins à vent de Régusse


A few walks in Régusse

First of all, the tourist office has created very good orientation courses in Régusse. They are one of the best ways to discover the village and its surroundings. Moreover, these courses are a godsend when you have children. Indeed, armed with a map and a compass, they will take to the game, and will learn the basics of orientation in nature at the same time.

There are four routes that will take you off the beaten track and try to follow a direction. There are beacons to be discovered all along with the circuits. Count between 1.5 and 2 hours of walking for this activity which is sure to leave you with great memories!

Afterward, don’t miss the historic walk through the narrow streets of the old village. Created by the tourist office of Régusse, it will lead you through the pretty streets of the village to the monuments and key places in an hour or two, according to your wishes! Moreover, you will be able to finish this walk by the “highlight of the show”, the visit of the windmills.

Finally, if you are looking for a short, easy and pleasant stroll, think about the Claou health trail! Indeed, a simple walk in the magnificent wooded park or a few physical exercises will do you a world of good! The fourteen-hectare estate is equipped with sports games, rest areas and picnic tables. The start of the course is located in the center of the village, on Avenue Léon Moutet. Discover also the botanical circuit which will guide you through the many species and essences present.


Horse riding around Régusse

Are you looking for the perfect nature activity for both you and your children? Then go to Les chevaux du Verdon ranch! With Michel or Agnès, you’ll enjoy superb horseback rides in the magnificent surroundings of the village, and even further away if you wish! Riding a horse is a special experience, and your children will have unforgettable memories.

The farm is open to everyone, young and old from the age of six, and children can also ride ponies. The rides are very well organized and can last from one hour to several days, depending on your wishes. Do not hesitate to look at our Activities page to organize your stay as well as possible.


Horse riding near Régusse Verdon Gorges


Where to stay?

You will not find classic hotels in the village, however, there are many very nice guest rooms in Régusse. You’ll be spoiled for choice ! Do not hesitate to ask us for advice or to consult our Accommodation page to organize your visit.

In addition, Régusse has a four-star campsite, Les Lacs du Verdon, which is a very good alternative for staying in the region. Indeed, this high-end campsite has a perfect location in the heart of the Verdon Natural Park. A stone’s throw from the gorges and famous lakes, you will be free to discover the wild nature of the Verdon while staying at the campsite.

The campsite has its own restaurant, which serves very good traditional cuisine. It offers different types of mobile homes in addition to pitches for tents. Note that the entire campsite is accessible to people with reduced mobility.


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