Verdon Secret 3D, The Film

Breathtaking images !
Discover the biggest european canyon

20 filming locations and an experienced professional team !

An unusual film-shooting

Discover the first descent down the great canyons of the Verdon and the exploration of the extraordinary site, today a regional nature parc, for the first time on the screens ! A sensational experience for the whole family, or to share amongst friends.
Discover, like as if you were there, a heritage with a story : Europe’s greatest canyon, in the foot-steps of Alfred Martel, the first to explore the Verdon Canyon in 1905.

Relating a story looking to the future : 2 persons meet in the canyon with its rock-walls, relief and Verdon river. Isolated from the rest of the world, they discover one another, open up to each other and finaly find what they want out of life : follow their way based on simple values. All in the most unusual film set, « Les Gorges du Verdon ».

Discover the film-shooting day by day
with a collection of photographies for each day !