Showtime Ecocine Verdon

Discover « Verdon Secret » on a giant 3D screen.
Showing all year round at Ecociné in Gréoux-les-Bains.



Consult our agenda :

Programme from the 27th of July to the 14th of August 2018 !

Fri July 27No show
Sat July 2816H - 17H30
Sun July 2916H - 17H30
Mon July 3020H30
Tues July 31No show
Wed August 116H
Thu August 221H15 (2d) in the Morelon Parc (Gréoux)
Fri August 316H
Sat August 416H - 17H30
Sun August 516H15
21H15 (2d) in the Morelon Parc (Gréoux)
Mon August 616H - 17H30
Tues August 716H - 21H
Wed August 816H - 17H30
Thu August 916H - 17H30
Fri August 1016H - 17H30 - 20H15
Sat August 1119H30
Sun August 1211H
21H15 (2d) in the Morelon Parc (Gréoux)
Mon August 1317H30 - 21H15
Tues August 1420H30