Project the film

Affiche du film Verdon Secret

The movie Verdon Secret was directed for giant screens or large sized cinema screens.
See below the regulations for the screening.

The Verdon movie is in both 3D and 2D, in French and in English version.
To be screened in movie theatres equipped with projectors adapted for reading the DCP format, CNC ticketing , and equipped for 3D (in other words, all movie theatres in Europe). The 2D is reserved for outdoor projections.




verdon-secret-with-actors expo

For security reasons and copyrights, in order to avoid the risks of illegal copying, DVDs were not produced, and we do not send files of the film.
To be informed about its contents, we advise you to attend a projection in the nearest cinema theatre, or send us their contact information in order to organise a showing.

If you wish to organise a non-commercial projection for a group, we can propose a quotation jointly with the movie theatre, the price fixed will depend on your choice of the movie theatre organising your projection. The presence of the film crew (film-director, actors, the team of technicians) is possible under certain conditions.

For more information please contact the distributor Ecociné Verdon, Jean-Marc Paris, by completing the following form :