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3 questions for Jean Marc Paris,

President of Ecociné Verdon, and coproducer of the film Verdon Secret in 3D

jean-marc-parisWhat inspired you to launch the Verdon Secret project ?
The idea to create Ecociné Verdon come to me in 1995. While visiting the Colorado Grand Canyon I discovered a film on a giant screen in a movie-hall equiped with Imax technology. As a mountaineer and being a keen film maker I felt the need to produce the same thing in France with the Verdon Canyon. Not that the Verdon Canyons are the biggest in the world, but they are the most spectacular. Besides there is so much to discover about the history and the culture of the Verdon territory !

What is Ecociné Verdon about ?
Ecociné Verdon is where you can discover the Verdon Canyon in 3D and on a giant screen. A film with relief relating the exploration of the canyon in 1905 by Alfred Martel and Isidore Blanc. The movie theme, an adventure adapted to all public, is the pretext to discover the grandiose site of the Verdon, because most visitors visiting the canyon discover only 10% of what is to be seen : the film Verdon Secret is a new approach to the Verdon Canyon !

Why did you choose Gréoux-les-Bains ?
We have considered several possibilities for the establishment of the Ecociné Verdon, our aim was to cooperate with local actors which brought us to work with the Regional Nature Parc, the commune of Gréoux-les-Bains and the Agglomeration community DLVA (Durance Luberon Verdon). Gréoux-les-Bains is the gate to the Verdon Regional Nature Parc : Ecociné Verdon returns 1% of the movie’s turnover to an association created together with the Regional Nature Parc in the aim to developpe the infrastructure and security mesures on the main sites of the canyon.


Ecociné Verdon, a life-size movie show


ecocine_verdon_extecocine-verdon-salleEcociné Verdon is a movie-hall classified « avant-garde » and proposes a large choice of movies in its two comfortable and air-conditionned auditoriums.

The film Verdon Secret is showing all year round in 3D and on a giant screen !

At the reception we offer you an excursion guide to help you discover in « life-size » the exceptional Verdon lakes and canyons.

Additional activities grouped in four categories are proposed : flavour, nature, relaxation and culture.

The Verdon map « discover the most beautiful sites of the film Verdon Secret » invites to 15 excursions of different levels leading to the film-shooting locations.



Verdon Regional Nature Parc, another lifestyle is invented here !

The parc was founded around the magnificent site of the Verdon Canyons, covouring around 180 000 ha and involving 45 communes, 25 of which are located in the department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and 20 in the Var department, stretching from the Plateau de Valensole and the mountains of the Var and the Artuby territory until the pre-Alpes Montdenier and Canjuers.
The roads along the canyons deliver breath-taking landscapes, but the most beautiful are not visible from the road…


Gréoux-­les-­Bains, Living it up in the Provence

Gréoux-les-Bains is a many-faceted village situated in the Region of PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côtes-D’Azur). It is known since the Roman times for its mineral water cures, the old town with typical architecture links the center to the troglodytic baths. Gréoux attracts every year several hundreds of tourists, today it is the 3rd thermal baths station of France.
Jean Giono, a local novelist of the 1st half of the 20th century, described Gréoux-les-Bains as the « romantic oasis of the Verdon » ! Its location presents an ideal departure for the adventurous discovery of the Verdon Regional Nature Parc and all open air activities.